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About Penis Pills

Penis pills are useful to increase male potency, providing increased libido, reduced refractory period, increased hardness and a host of other benefits. Although many consider penis pills as being used mostly for gaining size, this is not the area that penis enhancement pills shine. Size gains produced from natural penis enhancement pills are marginal at best and are mainly brought forth by the increased hardness due to increased blood flow to the penis.

Unfortunately for you, these effects are not permanent and subside as the penis enlargement pills wear out. This does not mean penis pills don’t work, but they are not a wise first choice for measurable permanent size gains.  On a side note, you should know that all results penis enlargement methods (minus penis enlargement surgery) will go away with time if you do not maintain your enlargement routine. This is why penis enlargement exercise programs take dedication and commitment to be effective.

The male penis enhancement industry has been growing at an amazing rate as penis enlargement continues to become more and more popular. Although the natural penis size for men is right around 5.1″- 5.4″ many men feel this is inadequate. If increased size is your paramount concern I recommend you look at my posts about jelqing or penis extenders as these may be a better match for your needs.

The best penis enlargement pills have been around for years and have built up a reputation but do not rely on this alone. It is also important to get real and honest reviews. I recommend that you check out my post on penis pill reviews to learn more and insure you end up with the herbal supplement or penis pills that will work and give you the effects you and your partner desire the most.

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