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About Jelqing

Jelqing is one of the most common methods of penis enlargement, and for good reason. This penile exercise works well provided you keep up with it. Performing jelqing exercises does not require any expensive stretching devices. Nor does it require painful and potentially dangerous and expensive penis enlargement surgery.

The jelq is also referred to as Milking due to the it’s technique resembling the milking of a cow.  Make sure and check out the jelq video to see what I’m talking about.

If your going to get into this form of penis enlargement you need to go into it with the following mind set if you want results. You must look at it like a workout routine  except for your penis. When you go to the gym and start working out, you don’t turn into a huge bodybuilder overnight. Like bodybuilding Penis enlargement takes time and continued dedication to get results.

To get the most benefit from the jelq without risking damage to your penis, investing in a quality jelqing guide is a smart option. These guides help you to get the most benefit from time invested in your penis growth. You get access to advanced jelqing techniques, exercises, complete routines and even a support forum.

Most jelqing routines are deigned to last about 6 minutes every day with consistency being key to their effectiveness.  Make sure to check out my post on jelqing guides where I have selected 3 of the top jelqing guides available online. These guides have withstood the test of time and are the best sellers in the penis enlargement category.

Although you certainly do not need a jelqing guide to see real gains in size a quality guide can give you vastly more options of penis exercises and can increase your results.

If you’re lazy or think you might have a difficult time sticking with a jelqing program make sure to check out my post on penis extenders.