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This free jelqing video covers the basics of jelqing. Although it might look funny, jelqing as been recognized as an effective penis enlargement exercise. After watching this short jelqing video you should have a good idea about what it’s all about. The techniques covered in this penis enlargement video is the most basic of technique.

jelqing is thought to be an ancient Arabic exercise that is thousands of years old. This enlargement technique has withstood the test of time and is proven to work if you put forth the effort and commitment required to get results.

Although this video can get you started in jelqing,  if you’re serious about penis enlargement and want the maximum results from your penis exercise you will benefit from one of the jelqing guides in the above image. There are many more advanced techniques not covered in this video such as the lubricated jelq, wet jelq, and numerous other exercises.

It takes time and commitment to get results from jelqing so if you’re looking for a quick fix I’m sorry to tell you there isn’t one. Most jelqing exercises are performed for approximately 6 minutes a day with the key being consistent in keeping up with your exercise routine. It takes significant time and effort to adequately stretch the suspensory ligament to achieve meaningful gains in size.

It’s also important to correctly warm up the penis prior to engaging in jelqing to prevent injury to your member. Often times the penises wrapped in a warm towel for a number of minutes before exercises began so it responds better to the milking  movement of the enlargement exercise.

Like I said this jelqing video covers only the basics of jelqing. Theseguides have much more information than you’ll find in any free jelqing video on the Internet.


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