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How To Jelq

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how to jelq
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How To Jelq, The Basics

Check out the short video for the basics on how to jelq. The video has enough information to get you started and will give you a good basic idea of how to jelq. You should know that results don’t come overnight, penis enlargement takes time and dedication. Just like it takes time to build a quality physique in the gym it will take you time to build a larger penis using jelqing.

Considering the amount of time it takes  to produce reasonable results a quality jelqing guide can be a wise investment. A good guide will provide you with advanced  techniques, more  exercises and step-by-step  instruction. Quality guides teach you how to jelq but offer a much higher level of Instruction and techniques.

Having more options and step-by-step  instructions can help to break up the monotony of these exercises when you only know the basic exercises. There’s nothing fun about penile exercise and if you want results you’re going to have to make a real commitment.

If you’re wondering how does jelqing work, it’s mainly through lengthening the suspensory ligament. Penis extenders also work on this principle and if you’re lazy or think you might not have the dedication to stick with the jelqing program make sure to check out my post on penis extenders.

After watching the video you should have a basic idea of how it’s done. The jelqing guide I recommend in the image above not only has lots of instructions to jelq but also a support forum and other benefits as well. If you are serious about taking your penis enlargement to the next level and want to know how to jelq like a pro make sure and check it out.

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